working for humanity
working for humanity
Samaritan Detection Dogs
Samaritan Detection Dogs 

Our Recent Projects

We have worked on a variety of projects since launching in 2015

Missing persons -


Iowa - Boone County

Iowa - Bremer County

Iowa - Crawford County

Iowa - Dallas County

Iowa - Franklin County

Iowa - Story County

Iowa - Tama County

Iowa - Tama County

Kansas - Burlington County                                   Nebraska - Nemaha County

Historic Human Remains -


Colorado - Weld County (Pioneer)

Iowa - Boone County (Native)

Iowa - O'Brien County (Native)

Iowa - Dubuque County (Pioneer)

Iowa - Dubuque County (Native)

Iowa Tribe of Kansas/Nebraska - (Native)

Conservation -


Iowa - Story County (Garlic Mustard)

Iowa - Greene County X2 (Blanding's Turtles)

Iowa - Benton County (Ornate Box Turtles)

Iowa - Jones County (Ornate Box Turtles)

Iowa - Polk County (Ornate Box Turtles)


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