working for humanity
working for humanity
Samaritan Detection Dogs
Samaritan Detection Dogs 

Training for detection dogs

Getting a dog to perform in the field is a multi-step process that doesn't happen by itself and it doesn't happen over night. It starts by selecting the right dog and that can be a time consuming process that's part art, part science. There are many breeds that make great detection dogs. The dog needs plenty of hunt drive, play drive, and sociability, and it needs to possess the physical characteristics necessary for the environment where it will be working.


Our Philosophy

We don't train dogs to use their noses, most already do that, some better than others. If they ain't got it, we can't put it in them. We work with the dog's natural abilities to condition them to behave in a particular way. When they do that then they get rewarded with play.


We train all year, rain and shine, day and night, everything we do is focused on conditioning the dogs to work in the real world. Our methods are time-tested, solid, and reliable.


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Training for humans

We can provide you with a variety of training opportunities ranging from detection dog work to missing person search management.


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